Classically, we are booked as a team event. Companies are looking for an extraordinary activity, which they can experience together as a team. Especially appreciated is the seasonal, temporal as well as local independence, which allows companies to integrate us into their already planned activities. Film is a medium that fascinates and inspires, so all participants have a point of contact with the activity.

Furthermore we are allowed to enrich many private occasions like birthdays or weddings with a film shooting.

The corporate environment gives way to the film set for a day. The participants take on different tasks in new roles. This creates a new dynamic within the team. The experience of creating a film together and enjoying it on the same day creates a bond.

From a two-hour short shoot to a day-long film festival. We have the right film adventure for every time budget.

The course of a film event depends on the number of participants and the chosen location. As a rule, the own film production takes about 3 hours. Afterwards we need about 2 hours to edit the films. So your team enjoys the film premiere on the same evening - the big highlight for the participants.

The cutting time is ideally suited for the catering of the participants. Of course, other program points can also be integrated.

A classic event schedule could look like this.

14:00 | Welcome

14:30 | Film production

17:30 | Dinner | Film editing

20:00 | Film premiere

We recommend not to interrupt the block 'Film production'.

Otherwise, many time sequences are conceivable.

Content-wise, we provide the necessary concepts, ideas and basic stories. Materially we bring unusual costumes, unusual props and of course the technical equipment for the realisation of the films. In terms of personnel, professional filmmakers provide for creative excesses and supervisors for a smooth process.

Throughout the planning process, our team will of course be at your side to answer any questions you may have.

The produced films are usually made available on a server.

Not included in the offer of Film Event are possible costs for travel, locations as well as for food and drinks.

We offer our events from five for up to 750 people. The participants are always divided into film teams. These film teams work independently on their own production.

A film team usually consists of a maximum of 15 people. Over the years, this has proven to be an ideal size to ensure that all participants are involved in the film process in the best possible way. While smaller groups are no problem at all, there is a danger that active participation will decrease somewhat with larger groups. For large events of 200 people or more, the event dynamics are different, and we form film teams of up to 25 people.

Each film team creates an individual film together with our filmmakers.

With 60 people, four film teams produce four different films.

With 500 people, twenty film teams produce twenty different films.

Seasonal independence is one of the great advantages of Film Event. Our offer can be carried out on any day of the week throughout the year. Depending on the season, other premises offer themselves, so that there are enough places for a shoot at the heat.

Currently, we design events in Swiss German, German, English, French and every hybrid in between. With professional translation we have organised events in many other languages as well.

There is no fixed requirement for this, depending on the group size, short-term requests are also possible. The availability in certain months is booked up relatively quickly. Therefore, it is worthwhile to reserve the dates as early as possible.

We are very happy to reserve a desired date. As soon as a second request comes on the same day, the contact will be made to clarify whether the event will take place or the date can be released.

Together with our partners from Redspark and MICE it is a great pleasure for us to take over the complete planning of the event.

Our offer can be wonderfully adapted to the needs of children, the elderly or people with disabilities. We have already had many wonderful experiences and are happy to advise on the possibilities.

For all requests that go in a different direction than our classic product, we can certainly arrange the appropriate partners.

For corporate, advertising and image projects: Frame Engine

For documentaries and art projects: OrbitFilm

Filmevent itself does not produce conventional productions Exceptions are fictional short films that harmonize with our core competence. These are for example creative invitation videos, playful thank you videos and other non-conventional productions.


We are very flexible when it comes to choosing a location. Whether company headquarters, seminar room, restaurant or event location, we transform all places into a film backdrop. As a starting point for the film shoot, a room is needed which offers enough space for the participants, the props and costumes as well as the editing suite. This can also be divided into several rooms.

Fortunately, no. Even though it's fun to shoot a film when the weather is nice, it's also possible to adapt the story to the weather. Therefore, when planning a film event, the season does not play a weighty role.

For smaller events with up to 100 people, the screening equipment we bring is sufficient for a special film experience.

For events with more than 100 people, the demand on the technology becomes greater. Here we clarify with the location what is available and what may need to be rented.

Film shoot

Each group is given a selection of basic stories. These stories are based on well-known film genres and simply give the teams a direction. It is then up to the team to work out a story based on this foundation. In this way, individual scripts are created that bear the handwriting of the participants.

Themes, slogans, products or values are well suited as guidelines for the teams. It is important to bear in mind that the brief can be integrated visually in an exciting way. The company's own products or merchandise are particularly suitable.

In addition to tasks in the field of screenwriting, directing, equipment, make-up or location scouting, many naturally also become actors. We find the right role for everyone.

Since the stories can develop in many directions, we bring a large pool of costumes and props. It is then up to the participants to choose the appropriate outfit. Whether evening dress, leather vest or Hawaiian shirt, there is something in the right size for everyone. In addition, the matching props round off the outfit. Among them are many characteristic hats, fancy glasses, menacing weapons and glittering gold chains.

For companies, we recommend bringing your own products or merchandise. Own costumes are of course welcome.

Where the scenes are filmed, we decide from the team on location. Depending on the weather and the scene, the group also shifts outside. There are usually two to three locations per film. Of course, the filmmaker:in helps with the selection of locations.

The basic stories are based on classic genres. From action to zombie, we offer the right genre for everyone.

  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Comedy
  • Crime
  • Fantasy
  • Film Noir
  • Horror
  • Mafia
  • Romance
  • Sci-Fi
  • Superhero
  • Western
  • Zombies

Each base story is implemented on site only once Thus, the films will be completely different.

In order for us to be able to edit the many shots together into a film, we calculate about two hours. In addition to editing, audio, sound effects and visual effects will be added to the footage.

The films last between 5 and 10 minutes.

We make the films available to you for an unlimited period of time on a platform for streaming. The access to this platform is protected with a password.


The first film event took place on 01 June 2010 in Biel. Since then, many things have changed and developed. Especially the technological changes allow us today to realize exceptional short films in a very short time.

At the moment we are ten people who take care of the sales, the event management, the further development and the business. In our pool of freelancers are about 50 filmmakers, who are on call at the events.

On average there are between 150-200 events per year.