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Luckily we found you!
We couldn't have found a more fun, original and cool team event. Beforehand, some employees approached us and asked if they could have a role behind the camera, they did not want to be filmed. But thanks to the great group leaders and the relaxed atmosphere, everyone was suddenly in front of the camera and had a lot of fun! A big compliment to the organization, we would not have thought that you can shoot such brilliant short films in such a short time.


Insane, unique and unforgettable. An absolutely unbeatable team event that will remain in our positive memories for a long time. Thank you very much.


Thank you for the unforgettable event, which we were allowed to organize with you!
Besides the 5 completely different movies as souvenirs, we had a lot of fun dressing up and acting - a mega event with an Oscar-tire closing gala!

Losinger Marazzi

An unforgettable experience and a really great idea for a team event! The participants leave their comfort zone and experience an unforgettable afternoon together. The film screening (and on a cinema screen!) at the end of the event is a crowning finale to a day worthy of a movie!

Thommen Medical

Thank you very much for your effort and the meeeega great evening.
All our employees were completely blown away and even our CEO really enjoyed it and spoke highly of you.


On behalf of the organizing committee we would like to thank Filmevent for the unique experience in Schluchsee.
This has set the bar for many teambuilding events to come and I can speak for the whole team in stating that the professionalism, attention to detail and enthusiasm demonstrated by your team were extraordinary.


This was by far the best TeamEvent we have ever done. Some team members were initially very sekptical, but thanks to the skillful guidance of the director, we quickly agreed on the theme and the movie scenes. While dressing the costumes, we were already laughing so hard. Then came the first test of courage, we had to walk in disguise through the Conference Center of our company to the filming location...oh well...
. Filming the individual scenes let us literally outgrow ourselves. In the process, some unexplored, unknown and slightly crazy traits came up in us- uiii.... It was hilarious! Our fun knew no bounds.
With great skill, the highly professional film team cobbled together an unforgettable film for us. Watching the final product - OUR FILM - right afterwards knocked our socks off!
All of us, including the film team, were highly deserving and extremely happy Oscar winners of that afternoon. What we are left with is this unforgettable film that we all love to watch again and again.
Our heartfelt thanks go to the wonderful film event team that made this possible.

Gemeinde Binningen

This was THE occasion! Initial skepticism gave way within minutes to the joy of filmmaking. The planning and coaching during the shoot: everything was at its best, well thought out and tailor-made. The possibility to see the film on the same day was the icing on the cake. A big thank you to the team of Filmevent, who guided us through the day. Thanks to you he will remain in good memory.


The Oscar goes to the Crew of Filmevent for the top event, for the symphatic, competent and professional crew and for the funny and fun film day.


Great event!
The organization was TOP and everything went like clockwork. The film team was very flexible and open to our ideas. The shoot was a complete success and there was a lot of laughter. The props were fantastic and appropriate and took away the doubts of even the last camera-shy employees. The event also strengthened internal cohesion! The crew really pulled off a miracle - in 3 hours we were able to shoot 3 excellent and, most importantly, funny films. However, the real feat happened after filming, namely editing and dubbing! The screening at the end of the evening was the icing on the cake. The whole hall roared and cheered and the Oscar ceremony was the crowning glory!
We would like to thank you again from the bottom of our hearts for this terrific event, the smooth organization and your full commitment and can really recommend you to everyone.

Swiss Re

The cooperation with the team from Filmevent was great. With their help, we wrote cool scripts tailored to our needs and our employees had a lot of fun filming them. Our employees were thrilled with the films and we were impressed by how the crew of Videoentertainers made such professional films in a very short time. Bravo and many thanks!


Due to a work anniversary, we went on a business trip to Davos. At the AMERON Hotel, our team of 42 employees was divided into three groups. There was great skepticism when it was announced that we would be shooting three short films. None of the participants had ever taken part in such an exercise, nobody was prepared. Quickly this reluctance was overcome and there was a lot of laughter during the setting of the props. Acting is something that many people are born with - all it took was a little push and new "stars" were born. Within 2 - 3 hours, which passed very quickly, we managed to rewrite the given scripts and shoot the films. This was a unique team exercise. The excitement was great when the films were shown in the evening. The funny films formed the entertainment part of our outing and the evening was excellently rounded off by the subsequent "Oscar distribution". In summary, this film event was a unique team event for us, which the participants will certainly not forget in a hurry.


It was a great day with a very sympathetic team! We were able to contribute a lot of our ideas and the end result was awesome! Never expected such a good quality clip! Thank you so much for the great day!


Thank you very much for the unforgettable event, we all had a lot of fun!
From the first contact to the execution of the event itself, we were able to experience an absolutely professional, uncomplicated and fun film event team at all times.


On behalf of my team, I would like to say that everyone really enjoyed the event. The organization was top and everything has fit, from the beginning to the end. Really, sincere thanks!
We are all already looking forward to the video that we can look at everything again in detail!
I really take my hat off to you and your team, terrific performance. Of course, I was most pleased that the whole team is so young. We were all able to prove that we can perform just as well at a young age. Many, many, many thanks for everything and have a nice day. I hope to have the pleasure of working with you again.


I have received such an incredible feedback from the employees and for most of them it was the best event ever. We are still in the film fever and laughing about yesterday. Such a great experience! We are all looking forward to receiving the link to see all the movies again.
I really hope that we will have a chance to work with you guys some time again in the future.


We had an incredible amount of fun and rarely laughed so much among work colleagues!
The three friendly team members of Filmevent Thom, Matthias and Natascha have conducted us very professionally and sympathetically through the evening. Also in the run-up we were well looked after by Till. Many thanks to the whole crew.
We can recommend the team event with full conviction..

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