Film shooting as team building
There are a plethora of reasons to choose a team building activity. Whether it’s restructuring, bringing new teams together, strengthening existing teams or rewarding achievements: there is never a wrong time to express your appreciation to the team by allowing them to spend a day outside their familiar environment.
Flexible time and place
The team building activity is independent of time and place. For example, it can happen as part of your seminar or as an independent event for your employees.
Tasks in front of the camera & backstage
Our film events give your team the unique opportunity to slip into the roles of directors, script writers and actors. Everyone must take on their new and unfamiliar role in order to play their part in the film. This is the only way to create something great together.
Original scripts
Your team can work together to develop the scripts. To help you hit the ground running, you can choose between different stories such as a crime thriller, Western or mafia. All scripts are designed in such a way that your team has enough freedom to contribute its own ideas. Values and topics chosen by you can even be woven into the stories. The team has to discuss the topic and story together and decide how the scenes can be visually designed with the help of our film specialist.
Suitable filming locations
Another task that the team has to perform is location scouting. Depending on the chosen story and scenes, the team will decide which locations are best suited for the film.
Costumes and props
To add a bit of flavour to the stories, we bring along a large selection of costumes and props. This adds extra fun to the team building activity and helps break the ice among participants.
Funny film shooting
Light, sound, camera and action! Your team will carry out their new roles on the film set. It goes without saying that the fun factor will certainly be present. As soon as the team has finished shooting the film, it can undertake another item on the programme — be that a meal or another workshop. Meanwhile, the filmmakers cut the scenes as well as add sound and colour to them.
Emotional film premiere
The highlight of this action-packed team building event is the film premiere. On the same day, we show the participants their performance on the big screen — they will be amazed at what they have been able to achieve by working together.
Glamorous awards
The best achievements will be selected to receive an award at the end. The team gets to know each other in a new way through a different approach to cooperation, which leads to increased levels of trust. You’ll be surprised at how emotions unite and inspire your team. Teams that create and laugh together, stay together.